Quality management

Main goal of GKP Komunalac LLC is the satisfaction of our customers. The company continuously nurtures and develops good work climate which underpins good interwork relations with employees and partners. High quality of our products and services is crucial for ensuring the continuous satisfaction of our customers and thus the safe future of our Company. Our system of quality management consists of the awareness about environment, the protection all of our employees, suppliers and users of company services.

In order to ensure the quality of our services and products, GKP Komunalac (LLC) bases its quality on several systems of quality control and management under the norms ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and EN 15017:2005+AC:2009 and food health safety in accordance with HACCP standards and the principles of CodexAlimentarius.

Up to this date, we have completed 60 different processes in domains of administration, implementation and customer support. Our management of water quality, processes regarding garbage disposal and garbage landfill site management, recycling compound, household and communal waste collection, collection of unharmful and reusable waste, composting; maintenance and management of public green areas and cemeteries in the City of Koprivnica; administration and management of additional services on the respective cemeteries, management of the farmer’s market, conducting of auctions for public areas slotted for sale and natural gas management are all conducted in accordance with ISO standards.

In Komunalac, we always strive to maintain high standards and up to date approach to our products and services; our company constantly performs maintenance and check-ups in the domains of ICT , public procurement, procurement and storage, marketing and sale, financial business, accounting, invoice issuing, processing of complaints, front office proceedings (private customer service), planning and analysis, staff record and staff policy, workplace protection, machinery and working equipment inspection, management of protection gear, workshop; our transport, work vehicles and equipment check-up. We also, because of our food and beverages catering services, do inspect and maintain facilities where the food and beverages are stored and sold, and perform necessary repairs, if needed. We also apply corresponding high standards in the work of our legal section.

Since the beginning of 2014, we have expanded our business activities by adding the following institutions/activities into our portfolio: City Swimming Pools and Recreational Center Cerine, Youth Center, management of recreational sport and other facilities, administration of un-allotted roads (roads that are under local administration) and public street lighting. These assets were incorporated into the Company during 2014 and 2015. Consequentially, we have formed a new sector (section) called Public object management with the purpose of managing and administering the new assets. The section deals with Swimming Pools and Recreational Center Cerine’s quality of pool water, hygienic and health standards. Cerine is the first public swimming pool in Croatia that uses the system of quality management in its operation. The section also deals with leasing of objects and equipment that are owned by Komuanalc. Management of local roads and street lamps is fully incorporated into the existing structure of the Company.

In 2015 we have improved the quality of our services in the domain of funeral services, in order for them to be in accordance with European standards EN 15017:2005. We are among the first municipal utility companies in Croatia that have acquired this norm that denotes the highest quality of internment and funeral service which include utmost respect a grieving family as well as the highest respect for the body of the deceased and in accordance with local laws and statues.

Based on everything presented so far, we present you our Company as your future partner that works according to high quality standards in regards of our services, products and environment protection.

ISO 002,2HACCP 002,2ISO15017