BicKo system


BicKo system is the first public service for the bicycle transport in Koprivnica. BicKo system can be used every day in a week in the period from 6.00 to 00.00. Information on free bikes is available to users at every pylon, on the website and through mobile applications.

How to use BicKo system?

1. step:
Go to operator of Bicko System (GKP Komunalac LLC., Mosna Ulica 15, 48000 Koprivnica) and sign a contract about the loan. Before the signing the contract be sure about your rights and obligations in the General Terms and Conditions of Bicko system. After signing the contract, the operator provides the user with a RFID card or one code for loaning a bicycle.

2. step:
User can unlock the bike at each BicKo terminal by putting the card on the marked spot on the podium or by entering a one-time code to the pylon of BicKo terminal.

3. step:
After the beep you can take a bike and ride for a maximum of 120 minutes – after which you need to return the bike to the first free podium.

4. step:
Return the bike on the podium. After the beep, the bike is locked and a symbol of closed lock on the parking place shows that the bike is properly returned.

Who can use BicKo services?

BicKo services can be used by persons older than 16 years.

Can I take several bikes at the same time?

No, with your card or code, you can take only one bike.

Where can I find BicKo terminals?

1. Zrinski square
2. Lenišće
3. Central train station Koprivnica
4. City swimming pools “Cerine”
5. Youth Centre Koprivnica
6. Campus
7. Ulica Ivana Česmičkog

How much does BicKo service cost?

Users will be able to use BicKo service for free by September 30, 2015 (this does not apply to the compensation for damage that was caused by user). After a test period – since October 01, 2015, fees for using the BicKo services will be established, according to the price list adopted by the system operator in accordance with the new General Terms and Conditions.

Does BicKo system have any kind of insurance?

If the user does not return the bike within the prescribed time, he will receive a warning for the violation. If the violation is repeated, the user will be prohibited from using bicycles for a period of 3 months. If a user damages or steals a bicycle, BicKo will charge damages to the user. Users use a bike at their own risk.

The user assumes full responsibility for the damage that he caused.


All information about BicKo system will be available in Komunalac Koprivnica, on websites, and or to phone number +385 (0) 48 251 833.