Humanitarian action “With plastic caps to expensive medicines“

On August 21, 2017 Komunalac LLC in cooperation with the Association of patients with leukemia and lymphoma Croatian Čakovec, held a humanitarian action of collecting bottle caps at Zrinski Square as part of the action “With plastic caps to expensive medicines”.

A large number of citizens responded to humanitarian action and 88kg was collected on Sunday, while 118kg of plastic plugs were collected during the entire action at Zrinski Square.

Komunalac LLC would like to thank to all citizens for participating in the humanitarian action, but this is not the end of this campaign. Since the caps will no longer be collecting at Zrinski Square, citizens can submitt collected caps to the Komunalac LLC.

With selling collected plastic caps, Association of leukemia and lymphoma Croatian Čakovec buys medicines that are necessary for the treatment of the patients.

The action of collecting plastic caps was carried out as part of the event “Summer on Zrinski”. Every citizen who has given the 150g minimum weight caps, got a surprise gift from the Komunalac LLC.

In addition to humanitarian character, the goal of this action was to educate citizens about the separation of useful waste as well as environmental protection.