Komunalac LLC became a member of ASCE – Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe

Since 2016., Komunalac LLC has been working on joining the City cemetery „Pri Sv. Duhu“ in Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe (ASCE).

In March 2017., Komunalac LLC and City cemetery “Pri Sv. Duhu“ “has become a full member of ASCE.
To become a member, it was necessary to implement the process of collecting and systematizing important data and facts about the various aspects, related to the management of the city cemetery. It was made a Study of development of the City Cemetery “Pri Sv. Duhu”, for determining the status of cultural property. This Study gives a historical overview of the emergence and development of the cemetery and an overview of important cultural buildings and monuments that have historical and memorial significance. In addition, in the old part of city cemetery exist an important examples of horticulture, for example hanging beech tree, which is planted in the 4th field behind the headboard and of the vertical strips of bronze tomb Sulimanović.

The Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE) is the European network comprising those public and private organisations which care for cemeteries considered to be of historical or artistic importance. Full membership will contribute to the protection and preservation of the city cemetery. Because of its horticultural arrangement, tombstones and monuments, the city cemetery is from 2016., placed under preventive protection of the Ministry of Culture. It is also expected to be put under permanent protection, for which we have already requested the Ministry of Culture.

In the past decade, about 150 cemeteries throughout Europe, have become a members of the International Association of European (ASCE). The main objectives of the association are to promote European cemeteries as a fundamental part of the heritage of the humanity and to raise European citizen awareness of the importance of significant cemeteries. As the results of research projects in these areas, were formed European Cemeteries Route, which represents a new tourist product. The significance of the European Cemeteries Route resides in its multicultural diversity, which is mainly given by the interaction among its members rather than the simple value of its individual components.

About the ASCE organization, its goals and potential which allows membership, can find out more at http://www.significantcemeteries.org/p/the-association.html

Membership in ASCE provides assistance in the protection, restore, and ensure maintenance of the cemetery, as well as the application of technological innovation in cemeteries and their tourist promotion.