RWE has become a strategic partner of the City of Koprivnica in the gas business

Signing of a contract on February 7, the City of Koprivnica and RWE have become strategic partners in the gas business. The company RWE Croatia joining the ownership structure gets a share of 75 percent in companies Koprivnica plin LLC and Koprivnica opskrba LLC by offering the public tender price of 51 million HRK. RWE Croatia become the majority owner of gas distribution and supply of gas in Koprivnica to a network of about 13,000 users.

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City utility company Komunalac LLC remains the owner of 25 percent of shares in listed companies. RWE has signed an agreement that he will keep all employees and will maintain its headquarters and activities of these companies in Koprivnica for the next five years. The agreement was signed at City Hall, Karl Kraus, CEO of RWE and Maja Hleb, CEO of City utility company Komunalac LLC. By joining RWE in gas business in Koprivnica we got a big and serious strategic partner and we’ll be ready for full liberalization of the gas market.

Infront of us was a choice to be conservative and head for an uncertain future or to find a quality strategic partner and continue to be competitive and successful. Choosing a strong partner who will invest in the development and modernization of infrastructure, we have chosen the best possible partner – said Mišel Jakšić, who serves as deputy mayor, adding the ability that Koprivnica opskrba LLC could be a part holder of acquisitions for other gas supplier in Croatia and expressed his belief that RWE will support the development of Smart City platform and solutions, such as smart street lighting and e-mobility and the like.

RWE is the only company in Croatia that provides a unique gas supply and electricity services to all categories of users on the Croatian territory. – We are the second largest supplier of electricity in Croatia with 110.000 users. Our strength lies in the fact that we are a part of the German Innogy group, which in 11 European countries supplies 23 million users with electrical energy and gas and which, in addition to retail sales, deals with the development of renewable energy projects as well as with the management of the distribution network. We are happy and proud today to welcome the City of Koprivnica in our great European family through our strategic partnership in the gas business. The long-term goal of this strategic partnership is further development of energy sector in Koprivnica – said Karl Kraus, CEO of RWE Croatia and CEO of Innogy for Southeast Europe, at a press conference, adding that he expects for RWE to cover 10 percent of the Croatian gas supply market. May Hleb, CEO of City utility company Komunalac LLC, pointed out that the strategic objective of this cooperation is further development of gas distribution in Koprivnica. – Cooperation between Koprivnica opskrba LLC and RWE Gas will provide additional synergies and, ultimately, better gas prices, which will benefitial to the end customers. We receive a strong partner which will allow us to further develop the gas business in the region. Personally, I am very happy that with this cooperation we ensured bright future for the energy business in Koprivnica – said Maja Hleb.