Cemetery maintenance

We maintain and manage the city cemetery “Pri Svetom Duhu” in Koprivnica, suburban cemeteries in Reka, Bakovčica, Jagnjedovec, Herešin and Orthodox cemetery in Koprivnica.


Today’s cemetery occupies the area of about 77.000 m2 and has about 9476 registered burial places and about 6581 registered graves. It is divided into 28 burial fields, and into 3 parts according to the date of establishment. In 2016 began the first phase of expansion the cemetery on area of 12.600 m2 on which will be build about 670 new graves.


Maintenance work includes landscaping cemeteries (mowing lawns, maintenance of ornamental plants and seasonal flowers, hedge maintenance, landscaping cemeteries), waste management, cleaning supporting buildings at the cemetery, maintenance of paths in the cemetery, allocation of burial places, collection of fees for allocated graves and fees for the use of the cemetery, organization of funerals, keeping records of burials and death registries and other activities prescribed by the Law and the Decision.




GKP Komunalac LLC, apart from regular maintenance, offers additional maintenance services throughout the year including:

• maintenance of graves and burial places,
• planting flowers on grave sites,
• cleaning of burial places.


The new mortuary was opened in 2014.
The new mortuary building has facilities for funeral ceremony (funeral hall and 5 catafalque rooms), and facilities for the care of the deceased (delivery, custody, staff rooms and utility rooms). The building is oval in shape and set in the oval-shaped square, which has a covered porch. The big square partly closed in with green yew wall and partly with the building. A number of individual entrances from the porch leads to catafalque rooms and funeral hall. Bathrooms are ensured for citizens, with entrance from the square. The total net area of the mortuary and outer square is 820 m².




There is also a parking lot with 150 parking spaces.


In 2014, the surrounding area was landscaped.