History of the City Cemetery

The oldest written record that mentions the cemetery in the central part of the town Koprivnica is from 1607. At that time, the cemetery was placed within the fortress near the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the area near the present church of St. Nicholas).


During the second half of the 19th century, in the area alongside the Holly Spirit Chapel, the city of Koprivnica established its central cemetery. The cemetery was expanded in 1869, but it was not organized. A city Gardener Dragutin Ruhl started landscaping the cemetery in 1890s, and the current horticultural appearance was given to the cemetery by a gravedigger Ivan Maček.


In 2003, the revitalization of the cemetery greenery was bugun, which was conducted in cooperation with the Conservation Department at the Ministry of Culture. In 2004, based on the Decision of the Ministry of Culture, Administration for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and Conservation Department from Zagreb, the city cemetery, together with a chapel “Sveti Duh”, was placed on the List of protected cultural goods of the Republic of Croatia, until 2007.


Although the cemetery is no longer under conservation protection, revitalization of the cemetery greenery and all procedures to maintain the cemetery architecture implemented with the agreement of the Conservation Department from Bjelovar.




The cemetery includes the chapel “Sveti Duh”, a morgue, a central cross, the cross for fallen soldiers (employees of Podravka), the memorial to those killed in World War II, the ossuary and the graves of many famous citizens (Leander Brozović, Đuro Ester, Božena Loborec, Vladimir Malančec, Đuro Sudeta, Vinko Vošicki).