Sports objects

GKP Komunalac LLC owns and leases the following sports facility in the Koprivnica, as follows:
• School Sports Hall “Branimir” in Koprivnica, Školska bb (next to the elementary school “Antun Nemčić Gostovinski”)
• Sports Grammar School Hall “Fran Galović”
• Sports part of the bowling alley in Koprivnica, Taraščice 2




Also, Komunalac LLC manages the following City facilities:
• Sports facilities in the complex of the City Stadium in Koprivnica
– The football field with bleachers
– Auxiliary football field with artificial grass
– Tennis courts
– City Target Shooting Range
– Handball playground
– Basketball court in the open
– Dressing rooms and other auxilliary buildings
• A small sports hall in Koprivnica, Ante Starčevića 15
– Table Tennis Hall.
– Chess Club
• A football field NK Miklinovec in Koprivnica, Miklinovec bb
• A football field NK Močile in Koprivnica, Varazdin road bb
• A football field NK Zagorec in Koprivnica, Peteranska road bb
• A football field NK Starigrad in Starigrad Krešimirova bb
• A football field NK Reka in Reka, Mažuranićev Square 16
• A football field NK Omladinac u Herešinu, Ulica hrvatske državnosti bb


These facilities are used by the city’s sports clubs for practices and competitions, but also, to a lesser extent, to other interested individuals and legal entities for their activities (sport recreation, school activities, cultural and entertainment events, concerts and similar).


Our goal to enable our citizens, sports clubs and associations to use the facilities for sport and recreation in appropriate facilities and at appropriate times, through high quality management and providing equipment for the existing sports facilities.