The Pevec Building

GKP Komunalac LLC manages the center Pevec, which is located in Koprivnica in Radnička ulica, on the outskirts of Koprivnica, right next to the bypass.


Pevec is appropriate for trade activities, restaurants and other services, as well as for storage of goods.


Pevec Building consists of retail space, warehouses, and a large parking lot (free use for customers).




Surface area Sales center Pevec by application:

PURPOSE TOTAL AREA (m2) BOOKED SPACE (m2) (situation 15.04.2015)
Commercial space – ground 9.574,00 8.350,00
Commercial space – floor 7.608,00 2.258,33
Storage space – ground 6.876,00 6.570,00
Storage space – mezzanine 431,36 431,36
Asphalted parking 9.193,00 0,00
The gravel parking 17.202,00 5.000,00