History of the city park

The beginning of today’s city park dates back to 1856 when the county prefect Gregory Roksandic (retired Krajina officer) planted two maple alleys along the northern city moat. Rows of maple trees later served to the city’s gardener Dragutin Ruhl for progressive framing of a park in the area of the northwestern part of the Koprivnica fort. Ruhl became a city gardener in 1884 and he worked there for forty years. Under his leadership, in the period between 1891 and 1893 he planted the central park, and then other Koprivnica parks. He was succeeded by John Flatz, who until 1960 operated Koprivnica parks.


The park was devastated over the years. In order to allow it to be organized, the city leaders set up a plant nursery near the present city fairgrounds. Later on, a new town plant nursery was established, which satisfied the needs of the city parks, as well as other urban walkways, streets and squares.


In the mid 1970’s the park near the Koprivnica high school in Trg slobode was organized. That park was designed on modern landscape principles of approximately equal representation of trees and shrubs.


In the second half of the 20th century the park next to the newly built hospital wing was set up, and at the same time the green areas were landscaped at the Trg slobode, near the bus and train stations, at the beginning of Miklinovec and at the Trg Eugena Kumičića.