The collection of waste

Municipal Utility Company LLC Koprivnica provides a service of collecting and disposing communal and non-hazardous waste in city Koprivnica and 8 suburban areas, as well as Municipalities Drnje, Koprivnički Bregi and Novigrad Podravski, and the waste is disposed at a landfill Piškornica.

Population and households – according to the 2011 census:

Town/municipality Population Number of households
1 2 3
Koprivnica 30.854 10.713
Koprivnički Bregi 2.381 779
Drnje 1.863 616
Novigrad Podravski 2.849 952
TOTAL 37.947 13.060

The collection of municipal waste from these municipality and town Koprivnica, includes 778 economy subjects.


Waste collection is performed by 10 special vehicles for the transport of waste (5 garbage trucks, 4 container lifts and roll-hookloader).