Biodegradable waste

Biodegradable waste includes kitchen waste (peel of fruit and vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, bread, leaves of cabbage vegetables), garden and green waste.


In biodegradable waste may not include: meat, fish, bones, skin, dairy products, oil and grease.


Since April 1, 2011 Komunalac is carrying out separate collection of green waste (branches, leaves, grass and hedges) at source. The separate collection of green waste reduces the quantity of waste deposited in the landfill, and amount of landfill gas. Green waste is disposed in Herešin.


Collection of green waste carried out through the brown bins and green bags (which you can buy at the box offices in Komunalac) according to the schedule. Users who have larger amount of green waste can bring it themselves to the compost area without paying a fee in the amount of two light car trailers per month (with an ID).


The distribution of the brown container for users (a total of 11 000 pieces) is currently being carried out. Users who were not present during the distribution of brown containers for biodegradable waste can by phone +385 (0) 48 251 844 arrange a new delivery date. Users can collect a container for biodegradable waste by themselves every working day (12.00 to 12.30 p.m.) in Mosna ulica 15, in the courtyard building, with an ID. Brown containers may be collected by the person in charge at account for waste disposal service, or an adult member of the family who lives the billable address. If a user does not contract a new term of delivery, or does not personally pick up a brown container of biodegradable waste, the container will be delivered after the end of the distribution.