Waste disposal

Komunalac LLC performs disposal of communal and non-hazardous waste, and the disposal and temporary storage of special categories of non-hazardous waste (packaging waste, biodegradable waste, construction waste, dangerous waste and other useful waste). In order to provide better waste management, the necessary infrastructure for waste disposal was built.


Koprivnica established a significant part of necessary infrastructure and equipment for the establishment of integrated waste management system, which enabled achievement of prescribed criteria under EU Directives:

• implementing repairs to the landfill Piškornica
• building recycling yard
• building composting for biodegradable waste
• building a recycling yard for construction waste
• distribution of container for biodegradable waste
• collection of problem (dangerous) waste at recycling yard
• initiation of upgrade system of waste collection in terms of calculating payment for communal waste removal services by volume
• acquisition of mobile recycling yard.