Landfill Piškornica

Municipal and non-hazardous waste is disposed at the landfill Piškornica.

In 1991 Conceptual design for the remediation of landfills with continued disposal through the method of sanitary landfill – Koprivnica was made. During the execution of all works, 5 piezometers were built to continuously monitor the groundwater at landfill.

In March 2001 EIS was accepted. Also, at that time, a Conceptual design of landfills of First Category at the site Piškornica – Koprivnica was made.
During 2004 a location and building permit for landscaping was issued – for repair and regulation of the landfill Piškornica.

Tijekom 2004. godine izdana je lokacijska i građevinska dozvola za uređenje – sanaciju i konačno uređenje odlagališta Piškornica.

Remediation was started in 2005 and was completed in 2011.

The entire old waste was transferred to the newly renovated surface which a 1m thick layer of clay, HD-PE foils, geotextiles and drainage for leachate.

The amount of waste that is disposed of Komunalac to landfil Piškornica

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Amount/t 11.398,88 10.476,20 8.972,42 8.624,94 8.041,80 7.281,23